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SG05794 全自动称重裆下清理工作平台

SG05794 全自动称重裆下清理工作平台






The Sheep Handler - Auto Weigh Crutch and Dag sheep handlers have been designed to save farmers time, money and back breaking work.

Entry to the handler is controlled with an adjustable ramp clamp. This restrains the animal waiting to enter the handler, reducing animals backing up before the unit. This also allows two operators to work on the machine at one time.

Once on the handler, the unique top clamping system ensures sheep are well restrained and stopped from sitting down. Sheep can then be rolled on their side via the air switch - allowing for full access to the animal for crutching and animal inspection.

The belly crutch mechanism gives further access to the animal and the ability to full belly crutch.

When operated with a Weigh Scale - automatic weighing, drafting and catching is activated by adjustable (magic eye) sensors, ensuring the animal is caught in desired position for required task.

This leaves the operator free to supply sheep to the unit.

The remote control lets the operator control the machine if an individual sheep needs additional attention during drafting sessions.

Standard features:

  • Air controlled -rolls sheep on their side for dagging and crutching - throughput between 80-150 sheep per hour.
  • Automatic weighing and 3 way drafting – throughput between 500-800 sheep per hour
  • Rubber lined floor and sides
  • Adjustable entry ramp
  • Entry shut off gate
  • Overhead clamp
  • Rollover function for open access to feet and belly
  • Remote control included

Dimensions 4700mm length x 1640mm wide x 2000mm height

Weight: 700kg 


Optional extra:

Transportation kit (SG05795).