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SG05796 羊用裆下清理工作台

SG 05796 羊用裆下清理工作台






The Sheep Handler - Crutch and Dag features a unique top clamping system that ensures sheep are well restrained in the handler and held from sitting down in the clamp. 

Rolling the sheep onto their side is easily achieved with the air switch control allowing for full access to the underside of the animal for crutching and animal inspection.

The belly crutch mechanism gives further access to the animal.

Standard features:

  • Air controlled
  • Rolls sheep on their side for dagging and crutching- throughput between 80-150 sheep per hour
  • Rubber lined floor and sides
  • Adjustable entry ramp; Entry shut off gate. Overhead clamp. Open access to feet and belly. Available with either Manual Catch (SG05792) or Auto Catch (SG05976) functionality
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Transportation kit (SG05791)

产品规格:1600mm (H) 3000 (L) 1500mm (W)